Backup is too important to us to just pick the cheapest white labeled package or system and try and resell it for massive profit. We wouldn't be able to sleep at night if we need. So we offer the solution we trust with our own important documents and photos of our new born babies. They provide a solution for both businesses and private users.

We've partnered with Backblaze, who we can honestly say are the best backup providers on planet earth. We trust them with our own stuff and they have a long history of quality and security. That and a price for UNLIMITED backup costing less than £5 per month, you won't find a better solution. Trust us. We've searched and still not found a better option.

If the worst does happen, we can be on hand to help you out and make sure you get everything restored quickly.


Computers get viruses just like we do, the best way to deal with them is not to not get sick. We wash our hands, use alcohol hand rub and don't lick random walls in the back of a filthy alleyways. So if you were to go to a creepy area of the internet and do something just as silly, your computer would probably catch all sorts of nasty things...

By offering a combination of training, simple lightweight software and advice, we can all live a virus free life. But sometimes, we get a virus through no fault of our own. We can be on hand to help get things back to full health. One thing we don't believe in is installing expensive, annoying and inefficient antivirus packages that just get in your way or cause more problems than an actual virus would.

Prices start from only £49 + VAT


If it's all gone wrong, and your drive isn't working. We have many years of experience with recovering broken or faulty drives. If you need help now. Disconnect the power from the drive and contact us immediately and we'll try our best to get your data back. If we can't get your data recovered, you only pay the investigation fee of £40. After that prices vary based on the type of drive and amount of damage.